Sydney's Trusted Metal Fabrication Services

Sydney's Trusted Metal Fabrication Services

Over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication in Sydney

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40 Years Experience

With 40 years of fabrication experience, we have a well-deserved reputation for our quality workmanship on a range of metals without compromising on quality.

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Certified Team

Across our team, we hold national and international accreditations for a range of metal fabrication processes, plus welding supervision and inspection.

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Manufacturing & Onsite Services

Prime Fabrication can provide mobile fabrication services anywhere in Sydney at your business or construction site, as well as at our workshop.

Sydney Metal Fabrication Experts

Our Services

  • welding

    Certified Welding

    AS 1796 or AS 1554 certified welding for any project

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    Plasma Cutting and Laser Cutting

    For cutting larger, thicker metals

  • laser


    Removing metal to shape the final product

  • weld


    Cutting, bending, and shaping raw metal

  • framework 1

    Structural Steel

    Fully qualified for structural work

  • planning 1


    Provide advice on product designs

  • pipe (1)

    Pipework and Boiler-Making

    Full certifications for pressurised containers

  • saw-machine 2

    Cropping and Shearing

    Cutting metal into the right shape and size

  • spray-gun 1

    Polishing and Powder Coating

    Giving metal surfaces the perfect finish

  • industrial-robot


    Fitting together components into the final piece



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AS 1796 Certificate 10 - Welding Supervisor
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Licensed Rail Industry Worker
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Welding Inspector
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Elevated Work Platform (EWP) qualified
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International Welding Specialist - IIW
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Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
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1554.1 Structural Steel Welding
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Advanced Trade Certificate - Engineering & Fabrication

We have the experience and qualifications to complete almost any MIG or TIG welding and fabrication project. If you've found it hard to get someone with the right skills for your job, give us a call.


Our Reviews

Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Here are some reviews from previous clients delighted with our work

Peter Howard
Peter Howard
After our own cutting machine broke down I requested an urgent set of 304 stainless-steel sheet parts from Prime Fabrications in Regents Park. They responded really quickly, providing the parts at very short notice and at a reasonable price. Well done guys - really impressive. I'm sure we'll use you again. Thank you.
Stefan Bakalar
Stefan Bakalar
Prime Fabrication's work is flawless, and their team provides a perfect mix of professionalism and top-quality workmanship. With expertise in design, pipework and boiler-making, polishing and powder coating, assembly, fabrication, machining, and certified welding and more they completed projects to the highest standards. We had an excellent cooperation with Gab, and look forward to future projects with Prime Fabrication. Highly recommended for their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
Russell Francis
Russell Francis
I just want to thank you guys for the outstanding workmanship and service you provided. The quality of your structural metal fabrication and attention to detail would pass any independent inspection.
Great fabrication company. They can do high quality custom work.
Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson
The guys at Prime Fabrication Sydney were helpful and provided a quick quote. The price was good and the quality of work on our stainless steel stair railings was great.
Metals We Work With

Materials We Work With

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Structural Steel

We cut, bend, assemble, and weld steel to create structures of a specified size and shape ready for onsite assembly.

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Mild Steel

Mild steel is easy to shape and weld, making it extremely popular. We provide mild steel fabrication across Sydney. 

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Our team knows how to choose and work with the right alloy to ensure quality, strength and accuracy. 

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Stainless Steel

The finish and corrosion resistance of stainless steel see it used in many industries. We have extensive experience in stainless steel fabrication.

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Aluminium is exceptionally versatile for a variety of applications. We are fully qualified in aluminium fabrication and deliver quality results.

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Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal fabrication offering includes laser cutting, bending and fabricating sheet metals with precision to form the desired shape.


Our Steel Fabrication Work 

Structural frames and trusses
Structural frames and trusses

We can fabricate durable and reliable stainless steel frames and trusses, following building regulations and architectural guidelines.

Metal benches and tables
Metal benches and tables

One of our specialities is custom building robust worktables and benches for workshops, pharmaceutical facilities, packing plants, and kitchens.

Boxes and storage
Boxes and storage

Using a range of materials, including stainless steel and aluminium, we cut, punch, bend, weld, and assemble metals into quality storage boxes and cabinets.

Pipework and ducting
Pipework and ducting

We can fabricate a range of steel or metal pipes and ducts at our workshop ready for onsite installation. We can also complete on-site fabrication and repairs.


Using techniques like MIG or TIG welding, binding and riveting, we emphasise durability and accuracy to assemble, fit and join finished steel or metal components.

Component manufacturing
Component manufacturing

With advanced machines and design experience, we can help you manufacture steel or metal components, whether a one-off prototype or a full production run.

Metal Fabrication Sydney

As metal and stainless steel fabrication experts, we have extensive onsite facilities and can work across the entire Greater Sydney Region.

Castle Hill
Northern Beaches
Seven Hills
St Marys
Sydney CBD
Taren Point
Wetherill Park

Our Process

One of the reasons why we are successful is because of a streamlined, end-to-end metal and steel fabrication process that sees a project through from start to finish.

Initial project discussion

During our initial conversation, we'll discuss the feasibility of your Sydney sheet metal fabrication project, so you know exactly what to expect. We'll usually try to give you an approximate price range so that you can decide whether or not to move forward.

Design review

At this stage, we check your drawings and plans to ensure we can translate them into one or more products whether you are using stainless steel, aluminium or some other metal. We can provide design and engineering advice where needed.


Once you are happy with the design and understand the sheet metal fabrication process, we can give you a quote for the work and set a timeline for completion. One of our biggest advantages is our competitive industry rates for quality work. Get more information about our pricing here. 

Complete fabrication

Whether using our own facility or we come to you, we'll complete the fabrication work on time and on budget, using our equipment and qualified staff to meet your requirements.

Quality check

Our quality control step ensures that everything we produce, from design to finishing and powder coating, matches the initial specifications and requirements of clients. 

Client acceptance

Once we have completed our own checks for your steel or metal projects, we'll give you the opportunity to inspect the finish product and ensure that it meets your expectations.

Industries We Serve

Over the years, we have worked with clients in a wide range of industries in Sydney. We are confident that our services can help you turn your stainless steel and sheet metal fabrication needs into a reality.

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Prime Fabrication produces a number of products for manufacturing clients, including packing tables, complex machinery, stairs, and storage boxes. Using techniques like MIG or TIG welding, machining, laser cutting, fabrication and cropping, we can custom-build projects that fit into the premises of a manufacturer perfectly. 

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Our skilled local Australian team are experienced in fabricating components suited to the stresses of the automotive industry. We select the right alloy and use optimal techniques to help components handle high speed, torque, and heat. We also understand the complex and unique design requirements of the industry so we can deliver a quality job. 

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In the construction industry, our skilled team works with a wide range of materials like steel, structural steel, sheet metal and aluminium for different fabrications such as workbenches, frames, beams and columns for builders. Where needed, we can also deliver one or more custom metal fabrication projects at the job site.

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Oil and Gas

We finish steel and metal equipment used for the gas and oil industry to exceptionally high standards, helping minimise the consequences of leaks and failure in pipes and other vessels. We understand that these products must withstand heavy use and hazardous conditions, so we lay emphasis on quality and workmanship.

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Mining equipment and machinery must be rugged enough to tolerate tough conditions while still being able to perform their function accurately. Our team can help fabricate products like ventilation ducts, chutes and pipes that can withstand high temperatures and pressures using materials like stainless steel, carbon steel and strong alloys.

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Steel and metal components fabricated for the aerospace industry have to be light, precise, versatile and resilient, as they are subject to extreme temperatures, humidity and mechanical stresses. We meet rigorous standards for manufactured parts with a quality assurance process that identifies even the slightest flaws for every project. 

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication describes the process of shaping and manipulating metals into components, machinery and structures. It covers techniques including bending, cutting, shaping, MIG and TIG welding, assembling, and cutting to create a finished product. It includes finishing processes such as powder coating, electropolishing, electroplating and more.

Prime Fabrication’s longstanding expertise means we are skilled at fabricating a range of metals for many Australian clients, including manufacturers and builders. Our staff takes pride in delivering projects on time and on budget – focussing on strength and quality as we search for perfection.

For steel fabrication and metal fabrication in Sydney, contact Prime Fabrication today.

Custom Metal Fabrication Projects

For some of our Sydney clients, buying parts off the shelf is cost-effective. Sometimes, this isn’t enough, and a business needs custom metal fabrication for certain parts, machinery and components. This is where Prime Fabrication comes in. Our Australian-based staff offer high-quality custom metal fabrication to clients across Sydney, whether a single unit piece or the entire production run. We set our standards high with process-based quality checks for all materials.

From sheet metal fabrication to aluminium fabrication to steel fabrication in Sydney, our teams are fully qualified in welding supervision and inspection and trained to produce exceptional work.

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